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              How to choose blow molding machine for big bottle

              2020-07-25 09:03:22

              In some large-scale beverage, mineral water or cosmetics manufacturers, because of the large amount of packaging used, it is often integrated with the product filling. This kind of blow molding machine should choose the fully automatic, high-speed, stable and reliable blow molding machine. Only such blow molding machine will not affect other links in the later production process and affect the overall production efficiency.


              For some small and medium-sized manufacturers, semi-automatic, two-step blow molding machine can be considered. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of one-time purchase of blow molding machine. On the other hand, the production capacity of this type of blow molding machine is relatively low, which is more in line with the needs of manufacturers. Because the plastic bottles produced by blow molding machine belong to hollow products, if a large number of stacked, it will form a great pressure on the warehouse. For some individuals or family workshops, you can consider using second-hand bottle blowing machine at the beginning. The price of this kind of blow molding machine is relatively low. As long as you know all the parameters before you buy it, there are still many machines with high cost performance ratio to choose from.

              The material of blow molding mold is also very important for large hollow blow molding machine

              The blow mould of large-scale hollow blow molding machine has low requirements for materials and wide selection range. The selection of blowing mold material should consider the factors of thermal conductivity, strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, polishing property, cost, plastic used and production batch. For example, for plastics (such as PVC, polyacrylonitrile, polyoxymethylene, etc.) that can produce corrosive volatiles, the mold should be made of corrosion-resistant materials or coated with corrosion-resistant metal on the mold cavity. There are mainly the following materials for making blow molding dies.

              Most of copper beryllium alloys are used to make blank inserts, which are used together with aluminum dies. Sometimes, especially for corrosive plastics, the whole blow molding die is made of copper beryllium alloy. For example, copper beryllium alloy will not be corroded by hydrogen chloride produced by PVC processing. It can also prevent water scaling in cooling channel and reduce heat transfer efficiency. Copper beryllium alloy mold is easy to repair by welding or inlaying.

              Copper beryllium alloy is a kind of material commonly used in blow molding dies. It has good thermal conductivity, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical toughness. The main disadvantages are high cost, poor machinability compared with aluminum (machining time is about 1 / 3 longer than that of aluminum), and its density is about 3 times that of aluminum alloy, which further increases the cost (copper beryllium alloy per unit volume can be manufactured by machining, casting and hot extrusion). The hardness of copper beryllium alloy with high beryllium content (such as 1.8% ~ 2.0%) is higher, so the mechanical processing method should be adopted; if the irregular shape mold is to be manufactured by casting, the copper beryllium alloy with low beryllium content (such as 1.65%) should be selected.

              Aluminum is the material widely used in the blow molding die of large-scale hollow blow molding machine. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, good machinability and ductility, low density, but low hardness and easy wear. The wear resistance of aluminum alloy will be higher. The toughness of cast aluminum is low, so the inlay is made of steel or copper beryllium alloy. The service life of aluminum mold is about 100000 ~ 200000 times. Aluminum is porous, and sometimes infiltrates into a small amount of plastic melt, which affects the appearance of blow molded products. This can be solved by coating sealant on the mold cavity, but this will reduce the heat transfer performance between the product and the mold wall.


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