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              Is there any difference between blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine

              2020-07-25 09:03:22

              In fact, the production principle of blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine is similar. Many people call bottle blowing machine also called blow molding machine, but it is still a little different. Blow molding machine can include bottle blowing machine. The first half of blow molding and bottle blowing machine are the same, only play the part of plasticizing. The second half of the film blowing is produced by means of traction line and reel. You can search the film production process on the Internet.

              The second half of the bottle blowing machine is right. I am a bottle blower. The main products of the bottle blowing machine are shampoo bottles and doll's bodies. These are products in two fields. Shampoo bottles belong to plastic containers, while doll's bodies belong to toys. The same thing about the two kinds of machines is that the glue after extruding is the mould embryo. If you don't know what the mould embryo means, you can imagine that the water pipe installed in our family is empty in the middle. If you heat it, press one end into the seal, and then blow in from the other end, you will know how blow molding is.


              Blow molding machine has a good foreign market

              According to the survey of American Industrial Market Research Corporation, the scale of global plastic machinery market will increase by 3.5% annually. The demand for plastic machinery in the United States and Japan will show signs of recovery again, and the demand in Western Europe will accelerate in 2010. China, India and Russia plastics machinery sales prospects are good. Turkey, Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions will gradually increase the demand for plastic machinery. Coupled with the continuous development of the global construction market, the demand for extrusion products such as pipes and panels will be boosted, and the demand for extrusion equipment will be increased. Therefore, the global demand for extrusion equipment is expected to exceed other types of plastic machine products.


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