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              It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance for large hollow blow molding machine

              2019-05-22 11:40:18

              Under normal circumstances, the regular maintenance of large-scale hollow blow molding machine equipment is once a year. The time is usually arranged in the days before the holidays or during the holidays. The equipment management personnel participate in the guidance work, and the equipment maintenance workers and operators cooperate. The main contents of regular maintenance of the equipment are as follows:


              ① Clean and wipe oil dirt and dust in electric control box on all parts of large hollow blow molding machine;

              ③ Disassemble the reducer and bearing gland, check the quality of lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil, and clean and change oil if necessary;

              ③ Check the wear of various transmission parts. The gears with severe wear shall be mapped and replaced in the next maintenance;

              ④ Check the wear of V-belt in the drive, adjust the tightness of V-belt installation, and replace the V-belt with serious wear;

              ⑤ Check the wear of the cylinder and screw. For the slight scratch and rough surface, the surface shall be polished and smooth with oilstone or fine sand cloth, and the measured dimensions of the working surface of the cylinder and screw shall be recorded;

              ⑥ Record the model and bearing specifications of V-belt with severe wear. After maintenance, propose the ordering plan for damaged parts and prepare for replacement in the next maintenance;

              ⑦ Check and correct the difference between the heating temperature of the cylinder (measured by mercury thermometer) and the temperature displayed by the instrument to ensure the correct operation of extrusion process temperature;

              ⑧ Adjust and test the safety glimpse device to verify its reliability and accuracy;

              ⑨ Test and check whether all kinds of pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are smooth, and repair the leakage and blocking parts,

              ⑩ Check and adjust the position of electric heating device, cooling fan and safety cover to ensure they can work effectively and normally.

              What business content does the maintenance work of large hollow blow molding machine have

              What business content is the maintenance work of large hollow blow molding machine equipment

              The maintenance of large hollow blow molding machine is based on the wear condition of some parts found in the maintenance of equipment and the equipment problems affecting the quality of products in the production work. The equipment technicians decide to propose that the maintenance or replacement of certain parts or parts is planned to restore the good working condition of the equipment.

              The maintenance work of large hollow blow molding machine equipment can be divided into normal maintenance arranged according to work plan and maintenance of unexpected accidents in normal operation.


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