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            1. Welcome to Weifang Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

              tel.png13805364079ad.pngShibu, Yinma Town, Changyi City
              Your current location : Home page >> About us >> development history

              development history

              August 2002: Changyi Huayu plastic machinery factory was established

              June 2004: Huayu plastic machine website online operation

              April 2007: developed 3000l large double layer blow molding machine with storage cylinder

              July 2008: established a science and technology research and development team composed of 8 technical backbones

              February 2009: the company moved into a new factory building covering an area of more than 30000 square meters

              September 2009: we purchased large floor boring and milling machines and large gantry milling machines imported from Germany

              February 2010: the company passed ISO9001 certification

              August 2010: the company passed CE certification

              February 2011: establishment of global marketing network

              August 2011: the company's self-developed automatic hollow molding machine for large plastic containers successfully applied for a patent

              Guangzhou jade Plastic Machinery Fair in May 2012


              October 2012: 10000l large-scale three-layer hollow blow molding unit was launched in Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

              December 2013: General Manager Wang yukuan was named "top 10 outstanding innovative entrepreneurs of harmonious China in 2013"

              April 2014: Huayu plastic machinery successfully participated in Asia International Rubber &amp; plastic Exhibition

              August 2014: purchased large CNC lathe, set up large machining center

              December 2014: the products have been sold to many countries all over the world

              June 2015: 20000l super large four layer hollow blow molding unit was launched in Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

              Weifang Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    

              Tel: 138053664079 Tel: 0536-7703201 website: www.iyasugi.com    Address: Shibu Industrial Park, Yinma Town, Changyi City

                  technical support:國微平臺