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            1. Welcome to Weifang Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

              tel.png13805364079ad.pngShibu, Yinma Town, Changyi City
              Your current location : Home page >> About us >> corporate culture

              corporate culture

              Company tenet: Science and technology leading, quality first, unity and forge ahead, integrity-based

              Business philosophy: honesty and trust

              Team spirit: through hard work and continuous self-improvement

              Service principle: respect, understand and satisfy customers

              Business purpose: innovation and development, pursuit of excellence

              Talent concept: admire what I come from, have my education, and use it for me

              Social responsibility concept: contribute to the society, provide good development space for employees, and provide satisfactory products and services for customers


              Weifang Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    

              Tel: 138053664079 Tel: 0536-7703201 website: www.iyasugi.com    Address: Shibu Industrial Park, Yinma Town, Changyi City

                  technical support:國微平臺